How To Dispose Of Medical Waste

A pile of medical waste, including open needles, vials and a used medical mask.

Medical waste disposal is one of those things you rarely think about, until it becomes a problem. Let’s take a look at how we handle it in the UK.

Do Cafés Have To Have Toilets? 

One common (and often repeated) misconception is that if you serve food and drink on your premises, you need to provide toilet facilities. But is there any truth in it? Let’s take a look at the much-discussed question of ‘Do cafes have to have toilets?’ So, do Cafés need to provide toilet facilities?  Yes, and […]

What Are Unisex Toilets, & Are They The Answer For All Gender Washrooms?

a sign showing directions to a unisex toilet

It seems that there are many things people feel passionate about, especially ways in which we can improve the world so that it can be navigated by all inclusively. Yet, one thing that has probably come as a bit of a surprise topic is that of the public toilet. Namely, who can use what and […]

Are Sanitary Bins a Health and Safety Requirement in the UK?

Wooden figure on toilet, Are Sanitary Bins a Health and Safety Requirement in the UK?

With the recent debate surrounding gender-neutral bathrooms, whether men should have sanitary bins and the change in UK law stipulating the need for female-only toilets, there has been a surge in discussion about the legal requirements for sanitary bins in the workplace and public spaces in the UK. So what are the health and safety […]