Periods in a Post-Covid World

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Periods In A Post-Covid World 12th May 2022 Now that things are beginning to settle down into a new kind of normal, what is the impact of Covid-19 going to be long term on the world of periods and sanitary healthcare? As experienced providers of Sanitary bin care, we like to keep on top of […]

When Do Sanitary Bins Become a Social Issue

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For a lot of people, the presence of proper sanitary bins and waste disposal facilities can be a much deeper issue – one of equality and reflecting important social issues. 

How to Maintain Hygienic Workspaces After COVID-19

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Even with spring looking like a positive time for businesses regarding Covid restrictions and case numbers and the summer potentially even better, this is still not a time to be complacent regarding our workplace hygiene. 

How Does Your Period Affect Your Toilet Habits?

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Periods cause enough of a headache, both literally and figuratively, as it is without having to worry about other strange changes to our bodies. However, as unpleasant as it is to talk about, your period might not be your only reason for a trip to the public toilet when it’s that time of the month. Many people who menstruate find that their bowel habits also change throughout their menstrual cycle and especially during the week that they menstruate.

What Do All Public Washrooms Need?

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Public toilets should be a significant investment for any business or council. They are essential to public health and safety and provide us with the privacy and dignity to take care of our sanitation needs while out of the comforts of our own homes. It is essential, therefore, that when designing these washrooms, facilities managers take into consideration what is necessary for visitors to walk away with a positive experience. 

What Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

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Cycles can change over long periods of time as well as over the course of just a few weeks depending on your life circumstances and as such, it is always helpful to be aware as to what can cause these fluctuations.

A Guide to Hand Hygiene

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Even before we were hit with the reality of how quickly viruses can spread in the form of a global pandemic, it’s always been the case that poor hand hygiene has many health repercussions. Not only does it help spread disease, but it can also have negative effects on our own bodies, resulting in unpleasant issues such as stomach problems or vomiting. 

The Impact Of Menstruation On Mental Health

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While it might not be possible to completely eliminate the mental health side effects that menstruation can present, it is possible to treat them. By being aware of the factors that cause those situational feelings of anxiety, depression and moodiness, you’ll be better equipped to deal with those unwanted feelings when they arrive.