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Bathroom and Toilet-Themed Christmas Gift Guide

To keep up the Christmas cheer, we’ve put together the ultimate list of our top 10 favourite toilet-themed presents that will brighten up any stocking.

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Tis’ the season to be jolly… and to have absolutely no idea what to get for our friends and family for Christmas! It’s unlikely that anyone manages to escape the festive season without frantically scrambling for gift ideas, and yet few will ever admit it! While going straight for the gift card is some people’s preferred escape route, we have an even better solution for those willing to inject a little humour into their holiday cheer. 

Whether you have a slightly unique sense of humour, or you just want your bathroom to look like its own Santa’s grotto, there’s a toilet-themed gift out there to suit everyone. To keep up the Christmas cheer, we’ve put together the ultimate list of our top 10 favourite toilet-themed presents that will brighten up any stocking.

No Christmas stocking is complete without a mug. Once those winter evenings set in, there’s nothing we want more than to snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a soothing and comforting beverage of our choice.

If you’re looking to gift your loved ones with the cosy experience of tea by the fire, the more unconventional people in your life may very well appreciate this adorable joke gift. With a sturdy design and plenty of room for your recipient\’s favourite drink, this novelty gift is the perfect solution for those with a taste for tongue-in-cheek items while still wanting them to be functional.

However, for the sake of preserving your appetite for your delicious Christmas dinner, we recommend sticking to tea rather than hot chocolate for this one!

No Christmas lover’s bathroom is complete without some sort of novelty decoration that will divide the opinions of your entire family. After all, if your toilet is your throne, then it deserves the proper Christmas treatment. 

And while you may need to gift this one a little early if you want to enjoy the festive experience throughout the whole of December, there’s still plenty of time to make use of this toilet seat cover and mat combination. 

Of course, Santa is not the only design you can introduce to your home to brighten up your bathroom this Christmas. Other options include snowmen and reindeers, all of which are bound to look adorable and make an impact on guests.

We all know that taking your phone into the toilet with you is pretty unhygienic, but let’s face it, some of us just want that little bit of entertainment while we do our business. Some keep a newspaper in the bathroom, some a crossword puzzle and for the more adventurous, or shall we say, coordinated, friends and family, you can now offer a mini-golf game as a distraction. 

It may take up a little more space than a newspaper, but Christmas is all about fun and this mini golf set even has Christmassy reds and greens in its design so even if it’s not a festive addition to your bathroom, it those colours should bring out those festive feelings. 

The only downside to an amazing gift like this is you can rest assured that the queues for the loo will be even longer come Christmas Day!

A toilet-themed gift guide would not be complete without Christmassy loo roll and lucky for us, there is so much choice out there these days! Even if you know your loved ones aren’t likely to decorate their entire bathroom with snowflakes and pinecones, there’s always room for that one festive touch that everyone is bound to find sweet. 

And unlike other Christmas decorations that you always need to try and shove back into boxes and store away for the following year, this quaint little gift will (hopefully) completely disappear by the time you’re ready to pack away for the following Christmas.

Let’s face it, there’s just nothing quite like a personalised gift. And while some people may think of personalising a piece of jewellery or a t-shirt, we’ve got something even better. You can choose whatever kind of message you want for this gift, but we would definitely encourage you to make it as funny as possible. Let’s just hope you won’t need to use it come Christmas Day! 

Speaking of items you may need to use on Christmas Day, this is probably one of the silliest items on this list. But let’s face it, we all know someone in our family that feels a little too at home sometimes very willing to share with the rest of the group exactly what is going on behind closed doors! If you know someone like that, then this is the perfect gift for them. Rather than announcing their intentions to the group, they can just place this outside the bathroom door. 

Moving away from the comical and over to something a little more practical. That’s right, a Christmas gift guide centred around toilets may actually contain something that’s not made to make you laugh. While on first glance this item may seem slightly amusing by the way it makes your toilet resemble a spaceship or a lava lamp, these handy devices can be a lifesaver. 

Coming in all sorts of fun colours, toilet lights are useful for every member of the family, whether it’s making potty training fun for the kids or helping certain members of your family aim correctly when they’re half asleep.

One of the best uses for this device, however, is saying goodbye to turning on your main lights in the middle of the night when nature calls. Even for those that do not struggle with sleep, a bright light in your face when you’re half away would be enough to ruin anyone sleep. Instead, you can treat your friends and family to a nice colourful glow.

Christmas is the time for carols and general musical merriment. So what better way to treat your loved ones to music this festive season than bringing music to the toilet. It may not be the fanciest toilet mat in the world, but during the holidays when you’re likely to have children of all ages in and out of the loo, it’s a fun way to change things up.

And luckily, this present isn’t just limited to December; you can roll it out whenever you just want to make your guests laugh or entertain the children.

No gift guide would be complete without a canvas and some words of motivation. You can find ones for pretty much any room of the house these days and this particular one is perfect for your bathroom. Not only does it look stylish and add a dash of humour, but who knows? This piece of art could actually prove useful for that one friend of yours that’s constantly tearing their hair out over people not replacing the toilet roll.

And finally, when it comes to Christmas, there’s always someone that will receive a book. But this year, they won\’t receive just any book. They’ll receive the book that will change their work life forever. We all know someone that either needs to be caught a bit of toilet etiquette or has trouble relieving themselves at work. The precise beauty of a gift like this is that it will either be funny or sorely needed, depending on who you gift it to. And even if they don’t find it useful, it’ll be the perfect bathroom book to flick through while you’re occupying the toilet.


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