When Do Sanitary Bins Become a Social Issue

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For a lot of people, the presence of proper sanitary bins and waste disposal facilities can be a much deeper issue – one of equality and reflecting important social issues. 

How to Maintain Hygienic Workspaces After COVID-19

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Even with spring looking like a positive time for businesses regarding Covid restrictions and case numbers and the summer potentially even better, this is still not a time to be complacent regarding our workplace hygiene. 

What Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

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Cycles can change over long periods of time as well as over the course of just a few weeks depending on your life circumstances and as such, it is always helpful to be aware as to what can cause these fluctuations.

A Guide to Hand Hygiene

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Even before we were hit with the reality of how quickly viruses can spread in the form of a global pandemic, it’s always been the case that poor hand hygiene has many health repercussions. Not only does it help spread disease, but it can also have negative effects on our own bodies, resulting in unpleasant issues such as stomach problems or vomiting. 

How Does Brand Trust Relate to COVID-19


It’s difficult to know what the long term effects of COVID will be on brand loyalty and brand trust, but as it stands now, the evidence supporting brand trust as a major factor in consumer decision making is overwhelming.