Do Cafés Have To Have Toilets? 

One common (and often repeated) misconception is that if you serve food and drink on your premises, you need to provide toilet facilities. But is there any truth in it? Let’s take a look at the much-discussed question of ‘Do cafes have to have toilets?’ So, do Cafés need to provide toilet facilities?  Yes, and […]

Periods in a Post-Covid World

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Periods In A Post-Covid World 12th May 2022 Now that things are beginning to settle down into a new kind of normal, what is the impact of Covid-19 going to be long term on the world of periods and sanitary healthcare? As experienced providers of Sanitary bin care, we like to keep on top of […]

What Do All Public Washrooms Need?

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Public toilets should be a significant investment for any business or council. They are essential to public health and safety and provide us with the privacy and dignity to take care of our sanitation needs while out of the comforts of our own homes. It is essential, therefore, that when designing these washrooms, facilities managers take into consideration what is necessary for visitors to walk away with a positive experience. 

Unique Washroom Services in the UK

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Washroom services should give the best impression of your business and reflect who you are as a company. So what are some of our favourite washroom designs?

Common Washroom Complaints That Are Easy to Fix

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Washroom services are vital for any businesses. But even the smallest problem can put off prospective clients and customers. So how can you ensure that your washroom services leave the best impression possible?