How To Dispose Of Medical Waste

A pile of medical waste, including open needles, vials and a used medical mask.

Medical waste disposal is one of those things you rarely think about, until it becomes a problem. Let’s take a look at how we handle it in the UK.

Why Sanitary Bins are Necessary for Your Business

sanitary disposal unit

WHY SANITARY BINS ARE NECESSARY FOR YOUR BUSINESS Sanitary bins and sanitary products have gained a lot of media attention in the last few years, from period poverty to environmental concerns. Yet despite being a legal requirement for all public places and businesses in the UK, it is still far too common for these facilities […]

Overlooked Considerations For Men’s Washroom Facilities

Whether it be sanitary products or nappies, sanitary waste disposal in public washroom services is an issue that has been synonymous with women’s facilities for many years. While the issues surrounding the provision of adequate disposal facilities for women are by no means over, the lack of waste disposal facilities in men’s bathrooms is beginning […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Sanitary Waste Provider

With a recent scandal involving the pile up of human body parts in an NHS waste disposal system, it’s fair to say that the wrong waste disposal provider can create a very unpleasant experience for everyone involved. Not every business will have to deal with medical waste (let alone discarded organs), but it is important […]

How Much Should I Pay For Sanitary Waste Disposal?

All employers have a legal requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to provide female employees (or anyone visiting your premises) with a suitable means for disposing of sanitary waste. This includes the safe management of waste on your premises, right up to the point of final disposal. Under the strict legislation, it means that […]