Our Environmental Policy

VR Sani-Co has always taken its environmental responsibilities seriously as highlighted by its “zero to landfill” policy in terms of the waste that the company collects. The company’s environmental policy statement details the many other ways in which it shows care for the environment. Additionally the company has a STEM – Blue Certificate for its Environmental Management.  


VR Sani-Co Ltd is a registered provider of sanitary waste and nappy waste collection service. We work across Kent, Sussex/Brighton and London. Disposal of all the waste collected will take place in the most environmentally friendly manner. This is carried out with due regard to legislation, geographical position, availability and business need. It is also completed in this respect 100% of waste collected is diverted from landfill to energy recovery. All business activities will be carried out in compliance with current legislation. All the waste, containing plastics and cotton products, is currently incinerated where the heat produced is used in the generation of electrical power. No land-filling is carried out, as the nature of the products so dealt with could lead to the production of gaseous products such as methane. Additionally, even many of the so called biodegradable plastics, of the type used in the products that we collect and the large bags that we use, can take up to 70 years to completely biodegrade.

Environment Issues Discussed

Regular management meetings are carried out to discuss environmental issues which have led to the following initiatives:-
  1. 100% of office waste is segregated where possible for collection, these are currently (i) cardboard, (ii) paper, (iii) batteries and (iv) none recyclable waste for further segregation. This is collected by Viridor, a registered and respected waste carrier.
  2. Waste paper is shredded and used as packing material.
  3. Cardboard boxes are reused for packing wherever possible.
  4. Used inkjet and laser jet cartridges are returned for re-use.
  5. Service routes are continuously monitored and adjusted to minimise any excess mileage and fuel usage.
  6. A water meter has been fitted and all staff are encouraged to ensure that there is a minimum of wastage in use of both water and electricity. Signs have been put up to reinforce this and there is a target reduction of 5% per annum over the next 3 years.
  7. The majority of staff walk to and from work whenever possible, and are encouraged to do so.
  8. Outdated computer equipment is offered to local schools and charities, following the clearance of all sensitive data on the hard drive.
  9. Wherever possible, invoices and statements to customers are sent by email, and most suppliers paid by internet banking.
Any business factors, which have an environmental impact, will continue to be monitored and practical steps taken to reduce any negative impact to a minimum. Matthew Crowther October 2018
 Managing Director, VR Sani-Co Ltd