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“It’s a goal!!!” – VR Sani V’s 2020: 1 – 0

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So the decorations are on their way down, Christmas trees are being thrown onto the front lawn and Christmas is starting to feel well and truly over!

I had a wonderful Christmas. I took the pressure off myself this year – perfection isn’t important it’s the memories that you make that count. So with that singing loudly in my head I made sure I was totally present in the moment with my children and family and enjoyed the build up to Christmas and the magic of it all rather than the perfectly wrapped present or perfectly cooked sprouts!

For the record though my sprouts with bacon were delicious!

So with Christmas over it is that time of the year when we look to the future.

We wonder what the new year, what 2020 may bring.

For us a business we went though a lot last year. Employees came and went, we lost some long standing customers due to their businesses going out of business and we made changes to our management – something that can always be difficult within a family business.

However VR grew as it always has done. The washroom service industry is a competitive market and we did well last year. The loyalty our customers have with us is second to none and we never take that for granted. We may only service sanitary bins but we do a fantastic job of that servicing! We  jumped full force into new systems and we really looked in detail into our processes and systems.

For me personally I learnt a lot in 2019. I learnt that others can and are able to do things just as well as me in fact sometimes better (a hard pill to swallow) and I also became aware that just because that’s how we have always done it doesn’t mean it is always the best, most efficient way.

We have been in the washroom service industry for 25 years and it takes time to get used to looking at your business holistically and seeing it through fresh eyes.

I am already busy making my 2020 goals for both the business and in my personal life. Number one being to find a better balance while succeeding in both being a business owner and a mum – sometimes it is very difficult to maintain the correct balance. As a family we have made a new year’s resolution to get out in the fresh air more – to explore what’s on our doorstep more and to have our family adventures within the UK!

Within business there are many goals I am thinking about. I want the goals this year to be SMART goals and to be really measurable so I can pat myself and my team on the back in 12 months time!

I am thinking about goals such as reducing ongoing business expenses, ramping up productivity, creating customer service processes, increasing market share and developing a personal brand.

I believe that goals aid us to feel that there is something worth working towards within business and life. They help us to take charge, every step forward, every action helps towards those goals – quite satisfying really!

I want to work smarter not harder, delegate and outsource more and learn new skills.

“We reap what we sow” I intend to sow happiness, success and our washroom service market share 😊

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020 for you all.

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