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Liner Exchange or Bin Exchange?

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Within the washroom service industry this has always been questioned. Liner exchange or bin exchange? Which is best for business? Liner exchange means that when washroom service operatives are servicing a sanitary bin or nappy bin the sanitary bin stays in situ at the customer’s site and the liner is changed within the bin on service visits. Service operatives still clean the sanitary bin on site and sanitise the bin before putting a fresh liner into the sanitary bin along with chemical.

Some washroom service companies work on the basis of bin exchange. Service operatives take the entire bin away (leaving a clean one in its place) which then goes back to a depot to be cleaned and sanitised.

VR Sani-Co based in Herne Bay in Kent have always work on a liner exchange basis. 

At VR we believe liner exchange is best for business in terms of not having to have a huge cleaning depot and the staff to clean the bins, but more importantly is best for our customers. It’s quick and clean and definitely a lot more hygienic. In addition it means that our service operatives go mostly unnoticed – leading to a higher level of professional service. We understand customers just want to comply to Duty of Care and offer a sanitary bin service to their female employees, customers or visitors’ but they don’t necessarily want to know much more about it let alone being confronted with dirty sanitary bins that are bought through their work space. Also as the sanitary bin units are left in situ there is a higher choice of different sanitary bins.

We believe there is a down fall to the sanitary bin exchange. Firstly companies have been known to drag the sanitary bins through the premise which isn’t very discreet. If in a food or drink environment this is as you can imagine unpleasant and in recent times companies have even been known to use shopping trolleys to take the sanitary bins away to the vans hygiene issues are then arising because of this way of business.  There is also a higher risk of cross infection due to clean bins and used bins are normally carried within the same vehicle.

However to fairly debate this question companies believe that the bins are sanitised to a higher level if completely cleaned thoroughly at a separate depot, although this can be argued that they are cleaned just as efficiently on site.

If you are interested in a liner exchange, highly discreet professional sanitary bin services for your business please do get in touch. VR Would is happy to help. We service a huge portfolio of sites all over the South East of England, including Kent, Sussex and London.

VR San-Co work with clients across Kent, Sussex and London providing Washroom Services and Sanitary Care Solutions.

We have provided many services including, commercial air fresheners, commercial soap dispensers, medical waste binssanitary binsnappy disposal bins and more.

Please check out our other services pages to find out more about the services we offer and contact us for more details.

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