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Signing a service contract for any type of service can be a risk and in many cases is a real leap of faith.

Most contracts have a lot of so called small print, and indeed in most cases it is so small that it is difficult to read. It is also a fact that very few people or companies actually ever read the small print often just taking what the salesperson tells them in good faith. If they did read the small print they would soon realise that its content is usually designed, in the main, to protect the suppliers’ interests rather than those of their customers. Out there are many good companies with honest sales staff but there are also some less scrupulous organisations around.

Sanitary Bin Service Companies are no exception and even some of the better organisations tie their customers into long term contracts which are difficult to get out of, even if the service has not been up to the expected standard. Many have a minimum 3 month notice period, which in itself is fair enough as there is a significant up front cost to the sanitary bin service company in providing and installing the sanitary bin. Many customers, however, often get caught out by not giving notice to cancel soon enough before the end of the contract and are then often stuck with their current provider for at least another year.

VR Sani-Co, a leading sanitary and nappy bin service provider in the South East believe this is unfair and underhand and so they threw the rule book away ever since they started in business over 20 years ago. Unless the customer themselves demand a contract then they are not required to sign one. The company believes that if a good quality and reliable service is provided, at a value for money cost, then customers will want to stay with that service. VR Sani-Co will always guarantee that the prices for their sanitary disposal and other services will not increase for at least two and often three years.

Companies, therefore, requiring a sanitary bin disposal or other service provided by VR Sani-Co can confidently use them for such services knowing that the company’s motto of “Our service is our reputation” really does mean something.

If you are interested in our contract free washroom services please do contact us. https://vrsani-co.co.uk/online-quotation/

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