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vr sani-co airfresh unit

Commercial Air Freshener Dispensers

In addition to our washroom services, VR Sani-Co Ltd offer a range of Commercial Air Freshener Dispensers & Air Care products to fragrance your washroom. Choices of standard white or polished chrome finishes will help to co-ordinate the décor of other wall mounted items, giving you a professional and pleasing look to your washroom.

We have a large selection of fragrances, from the fruity to the natural, from the spa style to a range of designer perfumes, all creating the perfect ambiance for both male and female washrooms.

We also offer the continual liquid based fragrances, as well as the most popular aerosol pump systems, each having their roles and performing well in their environments.

Contract Free!

We feel it unnecessary to tie our customers into long term contracts. We retain our customers with professional, reliable servicing and competitive prices

Automatic Air Freshener

Our automatic air freshener units can be tailored to operate during the working hours that need it most, helping you to save fragrance usage and cost when buildings are empty.

We can securely fix our commercial air fresheners to the wall with screws, or fix to mirrored surfaces with strong adhesive pads. The condition of your walls are no problem, and we’ll work with you to ensure your washrooms smell amazing.

VR Sani Co work with clients across Kent, Sussex and London providing Washroom Services and Sanitary Care Solutions.

As well as baby care we provided additional services including feminine hygiene, commercial air freshenerscommercial soap dispensersmedical waste bins, sanitary bins, and more.

Please check out our other services pages to find out more about the services we offer and contact us for more details. 

vr sani-co airfresh unit

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