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VR Sani-Co – working across Kent, Sussex & London – are venturing into the gent’s washrooms and gents care range. Our new P-Fresh deodorising urinal mat service will provide your gents with a clean, hygienic, sweet smelling washroom to powder their noses.

P-Fresh’s Revolutionary urinal mat design reduces splash back, while optimising fragrance release. It out performs any other urinal mat or screen for fragrance whilst being environmentally friendly.

Choose from a variety of urinal mat colours and scents. The translucent flexible design allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris. It releases fragrance on every use and is safe for use in waterless urinals.

Try before you buy option – we are happy to provide a free sample of our urinal mat for you to try, let the product speak for itself.

Contract Free!

We feel it unnecessary to tie our customers into long term contracts. We retain our customers with professional, reliable servicing and competitive prices

Urinal Sanitisers

Toilets and urinals in heavy traffic washrooms and hard water areas such as Kent and the south east of England, can often suffer from significant build up of lime and uric acid encrustations. The associated bacteria can lead to poor urinal hygiene, creating the typical toilet smells. Even with the most fastidious daily cleaning programmes, there is often 24 hours between cleaning, enough time for these build ups to occur. VR Sani Co Ltd has an automatic urinal sanitser system that offers significant protection against this.

The automatic urinal sanitiser provides a hygienic and continuous maintenance programme for toilets and urinals, and is the ideal addition to a well cared for washroom. The sanitiser is normally installed into your cistern tank and actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits in pipes, drains and septic tanks.

The urinal sanitiser unit provides continuous cleaning of all surfaces exposed to flushing, reducing and preventing scale and stains from forming. Its germ killing properties also stops germs from breeding. The sanitiser refill is orange scented and the unit eliminates odours at the source to get rid of bad smells, while lightly perfuming the washroom environment. The solution is a safe formulation with 100% compliance with EC regulations. The environmentally friendly product is based on enzymes that are harmless once released into the water chain.

Our sanistisers can be electronically linked to our water management system to provide optimum results in cleanliness and maintenance, whilst facilitating significant savings in water costs. The sanitiser is a serviced item and available in white or chrome to compliment your washroom.

Automatic Urinal Flushing Device To Save Water

There has been an increase in the demand for managing water used in the washroom in recent years. VR Sani-Co Ltd supply an automatic urinal flushing device that can save up to 96% of water used in the urinals. This operates on a 12 or 24 hour cycle, flushing either every 30 minutes or every hour, for a total of 12 to 48 flushes per day.

The frequency used depends on how much water you would like to save, and how busy your toilets are. A typical cistern that feeds 2-3 urinal bowls will flush every 15 minutes, flushing overnight and at weekends even when no one is using the toilets. That’s a total of 672 flushes a week!!

Using our urinal water saving device on the minimum 12h/60min cycle would give you 84 flushes a week, a total saving of 588 flushes per week!! If your water is monitored by a meter, that’s a significant amount of money.

The urinal flushing device can also attach via a USB lead to our Auto Sanitiser system which doses a concentrated enzymatic de-scaler directly into the cistern with the same programmed cycle. If you would like to find out how much water you could save using our Water Management System, please get in touch with the office and arrange a site survey.

VR Sani Co work with clients across Kent, Sussex and London providing washroom services and sanitary bin disposal services.

As well as gents care, we also provide additional services that include feminine hygiene, commercial air freshenerscommercial hand soap dispensersnappy disposal and baby care and more.

Please check out our other services pages to find out more about the services we offer and contact us for more details. 

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