Medical Care

Sharps Removal & Disposal Service

We provide a Sharps removal and disposal service on non-hazardous Yellow, Orange or Blue lidded sharps containers. Orange containers are for sharps or needles completely expelled of any Prescription Only Medicines. Yellow containers are for sharps or needles still containing Prescription Only Medicines.

The Blue containers are for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste – for example out of date medicines. We offer a vast range of sizes in these containers from as small as 1 litre to as large as 22 litres. If you are a tattoo studio or you have a first aid room at your site then we can collect your full sharps and replace them for new as and when you need them, or on a pre-arranged schedule and even along side a sanitary bin service. Again, we are very flexible and aim to cater for your needs.

Our Sharps removal and disposal service only deals with these colours of container as they are not deemed hazardous, and as such, do not require hazardous paperwork for disposal.

We DO NOT exchange purple, green, black or any other colour of sharps containers.

Contract Free!

We feel it unnecessary to tie our customers into long term contracts. We retain our customers with professional, reliable servicing and competitive prices

Soft Dressing & Medical Waste Bins

A safe and compliant disposal service for all non-healthcare organisations. The nappy bin also doubles up as a medical waste bin for soft dressings.

(We can not collect any medical waste from the Healthcare Industry, only offensive waste streams).

The waste can include swabs, gloves, dressings, plasters and incontinence pads collected from in-house first aid rooms, tattoo businesses and disabled toilet facilities, amongst others. The chemical that we dose into the bin has germicidal and odour control properties which treats the waste for up to 4 weeks.

VR Sani Co work with clients across Kent, Sussex and London providing Washroom services and Sani Care solutions.

As well as medical care we provided additional services including feminine hygiene & sanitary binscommercial air freshenerscommercial hand soap dispenserssurface care and more.

Please check out our other services pages to find out more about the services we offer and contact us for more details. 

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