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Sanitary Bins & Feminine Hygiene Disposal Service

VR Sani-Co Ltd has been tailoring sanitary disposal services for over 25 years, and our main focus has always been to provide a solid, regular, discreet and cost effective hygiene service for all our clients across Kent and Sussex. From small businesses to large multi storey office buildings, our sanitary disposal services have evolved with time and we pride ourselves on being as flexible as we can to meet the needs of every client.

We are so confident you will love what we do, we don’t even ask you to sign into a long term contract.

Our service intervals are either 4 weekly, 2 weekly or weekly, in busy periods twice weekly has been necessary.

For holiday parks and schools, we can set up seasonal or term based hygiene schedules to meet the demands of your workplace. Along with our flexible servicing we boast a range of sanitary bin sizes and finishes, manual or automatic, logo edition or plain. Our finishes include standard grey, white, designer grey or chrome. All of these can be in the standard 22 litres, or the smaller 15-litre size.

We offer a sanitary bin liner service rather than bin exchange – which is offered by some of our competitors in Kent and Sussex – as we feel that this provides a far more discreet service when on site. One trip around your building is far quicker and more hygienic than travelling to and from a van with containers full of offensive waste.

A dose of sanitary bin sanitiser granules are added to the fresh bag on every service, acting within 24 hours to eliminate odours and keep the cubicle fresh. Our service operatives sanitise the bins with an alcohol based spray designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

All waste collected by VR Sani-Co Ltd is taken for incineration, as much as possible to ‘Waste to Energy’ sites in the South East of England.

Contract Free!

We feel it unnecessary to tie our customers into long term contracts. We retain our customers with professional, reliable servicing and competitive prices

Hygiene Bag Dispenser

The Hygiene Bag Dispenser has been specially designed for convenient and hygienic sanitary disposal. The attractive, practical, yet very discreet sanitary bag disposal system makes a “caring” statement, and comprises of an easy-wipe holder containing a renewable pack of hygienic plastic gusseted bags.

The dispenser, conveniently wall mounted, is available in a choice of two colours, chrome and white, designed to match the most modern decors. It is simple to install with its double-sided adhesive pads that are provided with the dispensers.

Refills are available on request at a competitive price.

Vending Machines

The vending machine of metal construction is coated in easy-to-clean white vinyl and is available as a twin or single column machine. It is designed to vend tampons, towels, tights, and condoms in a choice of combinations. The coin mechanism, with its coin validator, is a reliable and proven system. We provide a fully serviced system which includes installation and 4 weekly services (or as necessary).

VR Sani Co work with clients across Kent, Sussex and London providing Washroom services and Sani Care solutions.

As well as sanitary bins, we provided additional services including feminine hygiene, commercial air freshenerssoap dispensersnappy disposalurinal screens and more.

Please check out our other services pages to find out more about the services we offer and contact us for more details. 

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