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What sort of Christmas person are you?

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With the \”big\” day just around the corner it got us in the office thinking? what sort of Christmas person are you? Check out the below questions and see what type of festive person you happen to be!

1) The big clean before the holidays, are you:

a). Going through room by room and whipping your house into shape. Once this baby is clean, you KNOW it will stay that way for good. In fact, you’ve vowed to slap your husband round the face if he leaves his towel on the bathroom floor, and have threatened your children with a tell-all e-mail to Santa if they don’t put their clean clothes away properly.
b) The type to give the mantel a light dusting just so you don’t look like a show-off. The gleam from your spotless fixtures could cause retinal damage.
c) Getting a little excited because you haven’t seen your floors, worktops or pretty much any of your home’s surfaces since the party last New Years. In fact, you are pretty sure the Christmas tree is still up under the piles of laundry. Hey, why take down decorations you know you will need every year?

2) When it comes to holiday shopping, you:

a) Are already finished. You made a long, detailed list last January and have spent the year buying the perfect gift for all your loved ones. By November you have already wrapped all the presents and booked your Tesco online shopping slot. All that’s left is to enjoy the Christmas season.
b) Wait until Black Friday. Technically, you have a whole week of Black Friday now! Buy a load of presents that people didn’t ask for but it’s done all online and hopefully for a bargain price.
c) Are going out every weekend with your shopping list to find that present that they have asked for. Going in the same shop 3 times to make sure it’s the right one and having to drag round 20 bags with your fingers turning blue!
d) Dig through your closet for all the unopened crappy gifts you got at the office Secret Santa party last year and then re-gift them to your distant relatives. Sure, Aunt Edna doesn’t know who Justin Bieber is, but who wouldn’t want a singing toothbrush?

3) When it comes to gifts, you:

a) Spare no expense. The holiday season is a season of generosity. All your gifts are thoughtful, beautiful, lavish, and better than everyone else’s.
b) Believe it’s the thought that counts, and most people will think you are cheap if they see the Clearance sticker on their present, which is why you love black Sharpies. They can be counted on to fully black out the £4.99 on the bottom of that present. You just make sure the gift recipient can see part of the original price of £50 so they feel like you’ve spent out a lot of cash.
c) Make one trip. Home Bargains has everything you need for Christmas gifts. What could be a better Christmas gift than matching Christmas jumpers for all the family with flashing lights that will last till Boxing day when you’ve washed it for the first time.

4) When it comes to holiday memories, you:

a) Love capturing every moment on video, then editing the clips to music, to put on every year to show the family. Then, order prints so you can scrapbook together all the holiday magic and you have the cutest little snowman stickers that will add the perfect touch to it.
b) Have them all in a big box that you will organize one day…once you locate the box.
c) Just get drunk on that bottle of port that only comes out at Christmas and watch Christmas movies all day, every day.

5) As far as wrapping Christmas presents, you:
a) Bought the heavy duty paper and lavish bows last year in the sale. You spend ages making all your gifts look so beautiful, they might as well be considered Christmas decorations. No one ever wants to open your gifts until they’ve taken a picture of the wrapping.
b) Thought you were saving money when you bought the wrapping paper from the pound shop. Of course, you didn’t foresee that it was as thin as rice-paper on a crash diet. After tearing the corners on every box you wrapped, you had to wrap everything again or cover it in cello tape and no one can actually get into it. This means ten gifts took 42 rolls of paper. You lost the tape, only to later find it stuck to your butt. The dog ate all the ribbon and is now pooping tinsel, and your husband has found it hysterical to put tape on all the cat’s paws instead of helping.
c) Brought your gifts where they had a free gift wrapping service or everything has been put into gift bags that you received last year, minus the tags as they have already been written on! DUH. You love the environment, so why cut down more trees?

6) When your kids question how Santa can make it to all the boys’ and girls’ houses in the world in one night, you:

a) Tell them that Santa is the spirit of generosity and love, and that he is magical.
b) Tell the kids to watch Arthur Christmas, where Santa has a team of elves to help him.
c) Point to the pizza kiosk in the shopping centre and yell, “I’m buying!”
d) Totally change the subject!

Whatever your Christmas, enjoy it and have a very Merry Christmas! From us all at VR Sani-Co Ltd.

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