What Are Unisex Toilets, & Are They The Answer For All Gender Washrooms?

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It seems that there are many things people feel passionate about, especially ways in which we can improve the world so that it can be navigated by all inclusively. Yet, one thing that has probably come as a bit of a surprise topic is that of the public toilet. Namely, who can use what and […]

When Do Sanitary Bins Become a Social Issue

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For a lot of people, the presence of proper sanitary bins and waste disposal facilities can be a much deeper issue – one of equality and reflecting important social issues. 

The Impact Of Menstruation On Mental Health

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While it might not be possible to completely eliminate the mental health side effects that menstruation can present, it is possible to treat them. By being aware of the factors that cause those situational feelings of anxiety, depression and moodiness, you’ll be better equipped to deal with those unwanted feelings when they arrive. 

Your Menstrual Cycle Explained

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Not only can paying close attention to your menstrual cycle help uncover things about your health that you may not have been aware of, but it also can aid in providing a more positive outlook on the experience

The Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

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THE BENEFITS OF EXERCISING DURING YOUR PERIOD On a list of activities that most people would avoid at all costs during menstruation, exercise (or even, any kind of movement) is likely to sit at number one. Hot water bottles, chocolate and movie nights are a much more attractive alternative than sweating away at the gym […]

What Are We Doing to Tackle Period Taboos?

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What are some of the ways in which companies, businesses and even individuals are beginning to take a stand to create a more open environment for both men and women to discuss periods without shame.