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Here at VR Sani-Co Ltd we are very much aware of the need to dispose of sanitary waste in the correct form, using sanitary bins and having the waste incinerated as this is best for the sewers and the environment. Heavy rainfall caused all sorts of problems down in Folkestone in Kent recently due to sanitary waste being disposed of incorrectly along with other waste. Thousands of wet wipes, sanitary waste and nappies found their way onto the beach at the Warren in Folkestone, Kent.

It quickly became a major problem for the Kent’s sewage system. The waste such as sanitary waste and nappy waste just couldn’t be broken down within the pipes causing the blockages. The most recent blockage locally forced the overflow pipes to eject the material into the sea at Folkestone’s site of Special Scientific Interest.

The material overflowing from sewers into the sea tend to occur during times of heavy rainfall. At VR Sani-Co Ltd in Herne Bay in Kent we would always try and explain the importance of using sanitary bins for the disposal of sanitary waste rather than businesses not supplying sanitary bins for their employees and/or customers and therefore ladies feeling the only way to get rid of their sanitary waste would be to flush it down the toilet. Something that obviously is not the correct thing to do.

A spokesperson for southern Water stated, “We would ask everyone to be careful about what they flush. Our sewer system is designed to deal with the 3 Ps – pee, poo and paper.

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