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Unique Washroom Services in the UK

Washroom services should give the best impression of your business and reflect who you are as a company. So what are some of our favourite washroom designs?

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It takes a lot for us to notice a washroom service or public toilet. Most of the time our visits to these facilities aren’t with the intention to admire the scenery, and many of us are likely grateful if there is even toilet paper left at the end of a busy day. At the risk of creating a negative impression for customers with a subpar washroom, it is vital that businesses make these facilities a priority in their business branding.  

For those businesses willing to take the plunge into unique washroom designs, there are great opportunities to be had in increasing customer satisfaction as well as solidifying your brand image. After all, why should customer satisfaction stop at the front door when you can enchant guests and clients with every single service you provide, even those that are considered less glamorous? That’s why we’ve created a shortlist of some of our favourite outlandish or unique washroom designs throughout the UK.

Washrooms at The Bell Inn, Ticehurst, Sussex

Considering our personal involvement and interest in sanitary bins and sanitary waste disposal, we do not spend too much time discussing male washroom services. However, when it comes to washroom designs, one of the easiest ways for business owners to get creative is with their urinal design. 

While there are many establishments with urinal designs you might not bring your grandfather to come and see, clever and stylish choices like the ones at The Bell Inn are certainly worthy of your social media, and have made more than a few headlines. This particular pub has even won industry awards for its creative design choices.

From the rooms to the restaurant, the entire feel and style of The Bell Inn surrounds the visitor in a retro and classic atmosphere,, and the washroom services are no different. Instead of spending a penny with an average urinal, the gentlemen that frequent this pub use repurposed brass instruments such as trumpets. 

The emerald green wall tiles provide a classy contrast with the muddy gold of the brass, ensuring that the facilities look just as elegant as the rest of the Inn. With the motto “A Musical Interlude’ written on a wall that also happens to be covered in sheet music, this washroom experience promises to be a truly unique one. 

Sketch Restaurant, Mayfair, London

The Sketch Restaurant is regarded by some as one of the most beautiful restaurants in London. As with any brand that provides such high standards for its customers, it is vital that every step of the service journey feels cohesive, luxurious and just as impressive as the restaurant itself. 

Luckily, The Sketch provides both style and quirkiness in equal measures with its futuristic, if bizarre-looking washroom services. The venue may originally be 18th century, but you would be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey with the egg-shaped toilet pods that seem to have come straight from 60s sci-fi. 

Each pod acts as a self-contained washroom experience where guests can use the toilet in peace, privacy and luxury. Only in a venue as stunning as Sketch could you expect to enjoy the tranquil sounds of birdsong coming from the speakers of your personal, contained toilet. 

The stark white design of the pods contrasts with the fluorescent, colourful rubix-cube esque design on the ceiling, making this a washroom experience as impressive and thought-out as the rest of the establishment. It may not be worth visiting the restaurant just to experience this distinctive design, but it’s not a bad excuse. 

Anabel’s, Mayfair, London

Staying in the Mayfair area, Anabel’s may be London’s most elegant nightclub, and one of the finest in the entire world. The exterior of this gorgeous venue is characterised by a beautiful wall of dusky pink and red roses, a stunning contrast with the row of white townhouses that surround it. 

The floral tributes don’t stop there, however. The interior is a flower-lover’s paradise, with the chairs, walls and floors covered with floral imagery from top to bottom. Even the chandelier crystals are shaped like the same roses that are featured at the front of the property. 

Like any themed business, Anabel’s continues its flower-enthusiastic theming with its washroom services. Not only are the washrooms decorated in various complementary shades of pink, but the gold taps have even been styled to look like swans, adding to the elegant attention to detail. 

The tasteful design philosophy would be enough to impress any club goer (especially if they are used to your average club bathroom), and it would be impossible for the eye to not be drawn directly to the ceiling, which is evenly and beautifully covered with light pink roses. The colour and look of this floral ceiling again imitates the exterior wall, and lends to the feeling that the whole venue is overgrown with flowers.

If a venue’s washroom services are a reflection of their brand and their service, then Anabel’s enures you leave feeling refreshed and clean as the flowers that surround you; fresh and full of life. 

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Bangkok

Where theming is concerned, the washrooms at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall certainly come out on top. Should you find yourself there on a visit from the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked straight onto a Northern Line tube station. In fact, their washroom design theming is so intricate that tourists have been known to “toilet hop” just to witness the various facilities for themselves.

The London Underground themed washroom services at this venue are impressively accurate and familiar. From the colour design to the harsh, fluorescent lighting, to even the fake dirt and scuff marks on the “mind the gap” yellow line, these washrooms would make any Londoner feel right at home.

And just in case you need a refresher on your London Underground network knowledge, the cubicle doors have an accurate map design that stretches across the entire row, so perhaps you can test yourself while waiting in line for a free stall.

Roman National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon

Leaving London behind for our last pick, we’re heading over to Caerleon, Britain’s former Roman capital. It seems fitting that our final washroom choice should be in a Roman inspired washroom as well as a Roman museum, considering that Ancient Roman sanitation was actually some of the most advanced of its time. 

The Roman National Roman Legion Museum is a fantastic place to soak up Ancient Roman history, and one of the most exciting aspects of learning about any kind of history is getting even the slightest inkling of what it might have been like to live like our ancestors did. 

When it comes to sanitation and washroom services, luckily, we don’t have to spend a penny exactly as the Romans did. Even the most open-minded of us may have a little trouble using the facilities in public amongst complete strangers. 

These washroom facilities provide a fun, quirky taste into what sanitation facilities looked like thousands of years ago, but with all the modern conveniences of the 21st century. The toilet functions just as any other, but the seat has been re-designed to look like a wooden public latrine, and the owners have forgone a traditional sink in favour of a stylish mosaic bowl for guests to wash their hands in.

The real crowning glory of these washroom services, however, is the beautifully painted wall, which features three Ancient Romans using the facilities (and most likely complaining to one another about the week they’ve just had).

Not only does the design actually help to give the illusion of extra space (good news for the more claustrophobic folk among us), but it also helps to keep visitors connected to the museum even after they’ve left the exhibits behind. This kind of thought-out, humorous design is sure to delight and entertain any history buff that comes to visit.


Of course, washrooms don’t have to be extravagant and outlandish in order to impress guests. The main priority for any establishment should be that they are clean, safe, and well decorated, so that they do not feel like an afterthought. But if your establishment is known for its exquisite theming and design, then extending this care to the toilets may be necessary to maintain the hard work you’ve done elsewhere. 

In an age where social media and internet reviews are so crucial to a company’s reputation, investing in well thought-out washroom designs can be a fun way to engage and impress your customers, and ensure they leave as satisfied as possible. 


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We provided many services including feminine hygiene, commercial air fresheners, commercial soap dispensers, medical waste bins, sanitary bins, and more.

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