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The Use and Abuse of Sanitary Bin and Nappy Waste Bins

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Serviced sanitary and nappy bins play a vital role in washroom health, hygiene and care, as well as ensuring that companies meet their Duty of Care and Waste Disposal obligations. The bins are, however, not always used for the purpose for which they are intended.

Sanitary and nappy waste bins are specially designed for use for the disposal of sanitary and nappy waste. With their hidden chute, fire retardant, easy clean plastic construction and close-fitting lid, they are of such a size and shape to best suit their location and purpose. Most sanitary bins in use are now also pedal operated to avoid, in these days of worries over health and safety, the users having to touch the lid

Martin Crowther, managing director of VR Sani-Co, who has been in the sanitary bin disposal business for over 25 years has seen all sorts of other weird and wonderful things disposed of within the bins and has put together a list of the top ten, in order of the unexpected, items that have been found within the sanitary or nappy waste bins

10) Tights
9) Lipstick
8) Sunglasses
7) Cutlery
6) Sandwiches
5) Coat hangers
4) Thermos Flask
3) Shoe
2) Mobile Phone
1) Frying Pan

As well as these items, others more commonly found within the sanitary and nappy bins are:-
Toilet rolls – often brand new
Paper towels by the thousands
Empty vodka, gin and other spirit bottles and drink cans
Magazines and newspapers
Pregnancy test kits

On a more serious note, these unwanted items often cause a lot of extra work for VR Sani-Co who have to segregate some of these waste items prior to disposal of the true sanitary bin and nappy bin waste. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent these unwanted disposal items in the bins, CCTV is clearly not an option and special signs do not appear to work.

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