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What are we doing to help tackle COVID-19

COVID-19 is a topic and a reality that has turned most of our lives upside down. There is no denying the impact that this pandemic has had on us socially, financially and emotionally.

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COVID-19 is a topic and a reality that has, quite frankly, turned most of our lives upside down. Whether or not we or our loved ones have been infected, there is simply no denying the impact that this pandemic has had on us socially, financially and emotionally. For a long time it seemed as though our routines could continue as normal, especially here in the UK, but with the advice to socially distance and recent official lockdown mandated by the Prime Minister, it’s clear that life cannot carry on as it was before. 

We now live in a time where we are forced to reevaluate our priorities, both individually and as a society, and must also consider what we can all do to help prevent the spread of this virus and reach out to those who are in need of care. At times like this, it’s understandable that many of us feel helpless and out of control, but it doesn’t have to be that way. More than ever before, it is important that we (both as business owners and individuals) speak out and share our experiences. This way, we can find the best possible solutions for staying positive during quarantine, and ensure that the most vulnerable people around us are being taken care of. 

Listen to government advice

Even before the UK went into official lockdown, many people across the country were already socially distancing in accordance with the PMs guidance on avoiding non essential human contact. We at VR Sani Co also began this process early by minimising the staff that we keep in the office to one person at a time and working from home as much as possible, as well as keeping all surfaces and common areas clean and hygienic. We are taking extra precautions when carrying out the most essential duties that we need to, and above all, we are tackling this as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. 

For many people, working from home, having children in the house and having limited freedom of movement is a big adjustment. However, we are also prepared for the eventuality that social distancing and remote working could be a reality for far longer than just a couple of weeks. Staying positive, both as a business and personally, alongside following government advice, helps to ensure that this period of uncertainty is not only over as quickly as possible but that it also passes in the least stressful way. 

Be Kind to Others

The current global climate has shifted our focus and priorities to unprecedented levels in just a matter of months. And while most people genuinely care about their loved ones, their communities and those around them, circumstances have forced all of us to increase our awareness even more. 

One of the most important things to remember during the fight against coronavirus has been the importance of protecting vulnerable populations. Already, plenty of elderly and sick people have reported being reached out to by those in their local communities, many of whom they’d never heard from before, asking if they need help to buy groceries, medicine or for a friendly chat on the phone. For those who are scared to leave the house or go into a crowded supermarket, those helping hands can make all the difference.

At VR Sani-Co, we are making a commitment to putting our vulnerable customers first. That means that establishments such as nursing homes are given priority over any other business when it comes to liner exchange, especially since they will now need our services a lot more that their residents cannot leave the property. Extra care is taken during the process to ensure that no vulnerable people are put at risk. 

Stay At Home

It is the same advice that is being given by health experts around the globe and it cannot be understated. As a business working in the hygiene industry, we believe it is our responsibility to set a good example, no matter how small. We must remind ourselves that staying at home also means cutting off physical contact with people from other households, even if they are close friends and family. It may mean that families are divided for the foreseeable future, but it also guarantees the safety of others, which is what this entire collective response is in aid of.

For many of us, this is the one opportunity that we have as individuals to make a tangible difference to other people’s lives and maybe even save them. We may not have a medical degree, but we can stay indoors – utilising this moment to be still, calm down and feel grateful that even by doing absolutely nothing for a few months, we’re changing the world. 


For more information surrounding the coronavirus and up-to-date NHS guidelines, please visit the official website.

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