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What Is an Urinal Mat and How Does It Work?

So we all know what urinal cakes are, but what is a urinal mat and how does it work?

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Now, we all know what urinal cakes are, but did you know that there is a new kid on the block? All hail the mighty P-mat, or urinal mat to you and me.

While they might not be the most glamorous item to talk about, they will certainly do wonders for improving the experience of anyone using a public urinal, something that is an important factor if your washroom is attached to your business. The top complaint about restrooms is an off putting smell because it gives an impression of uncleanliness and uncaring, neither of which you want your workers, visitors or customers to associate your company with. So, let’s take a look at what a urinal mat is and how does it work?

What is a urinal mat?

Urinal mats (sometimes also known as urinal screens or screen mats) play a crucial role in keeping washrooms smelling fresh and clean. They are designed to trap unpleasant odours and prevent drains from getting clogged with items like chewing gum and cigarettes (a particular worry for nighttime or social-based businesses). Urinal mats are essential for maintaining a hygienic environment and ensuring the comfort of anyone using the facilities. Their impact may seem small, but they contribute to a larger goal of creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for all.

How do urinal mats work?

While debris catching may be a urinal mat’s primary function, it also helps out in other ways. The unique bobbled surface is a clever design feature that is made in such a way as to prevent splashback, and integrated scent features release a pleasant aroma every time it is used.

VR Sani-Co uses a particular mat: The environmentally friendly P-Fresh deodorising urinal mat, which features a revolutionary design for reducing splashback and an optimised fragrance release. 

It comes in a variety of colours and scents and the translucent flexible design allows a full view of the urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris. Plus, it is safe for use in waterless urinals – perfect for eco-friendly businesses who want to do their bit for the environment!

Does my washroom need urinal mats?

It’s a sad fact that many male toilets that use urinals can become unwelcoming, smelly places. This is largely down to plumbing that has become blocked thanks to a build-up of uric salts. When you consider that most public washroom cleaning happens on a primarily surface level, you can see why this could quickly become an issue. 

Plus, a urinal mat can add a little, fun splash of colour to an otherwise dull visage. There is a reason many urinals or urinal spaces have funky designs: they make a boring space more fun, but also make use of men’s natural competitive or sporting nature: if you give them a target they will, more often than not, aim for it and are less likely to pee all over the floor. Directed pee is neater pee. 

How often should urinal mats be changed?

Urinal mats or screens should typically be changed every 30 to 60 days. However, the frequency of replacement may depend on factors such as the amount of traffic in the restroom, the type of urinal screen used, and the level of cleanliness desired. It is recommended to check the condition of urinal screens regularly and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance and cleanliness. 

If you opt for VR Sani-Co P-fresh mats, you won’t even have to worry about replacing them and your cleaners won’t have to remember to change them or buy new ones, leave it to VR Sani-Co to service them for you and take the hassle away from you!

How else can I optimise my urinals?

 There are two factors to consider when wanting to optimise or upgrade your urinals – the experience for the person using it and the smooth (maybe eco-friendly) running of the space.

For the former, it is a matter of maintaining a high level of cleanliness and providing all of the tools necessary for a pleasant personal experience. These can include:

  • A regular cleaning routine with frequent checks throughout the day
  • Bins that are emptied regularly
  • An air quality plan, such as automatic or timed fragrance release air freshener.
  • Ample toilet paper, soap and hand drying facilities.
  • Water-based items that are in good condition and blockages that are dealt with swiftly.

For the running of the space itself, this will come mainly down to the design and features of the room. 

Get on top of water waste

If avoiding water waste, both for an environmental and money-based reason, is a high priority for you, you could always consider our Automatic Urinal Flushing Device, which can save up to 96% of the water used in urinals. It operates on a 12 or 24-hour cycle, flushing every 30 minutes or every hour, depending on how much water you want to save and the usage of the toilets. 

Using our device on the minimum 12h/60min cycle would give you 84 flushes per week, saving 588 flushes per week and a significant amount of water and money, especially if your water is monitored by a metre. Plus,  it can also be attached to our Auto Sanitiser system which doses a concentrated enzymatic de-scaler directly into the cistern with the same programmed cycle.

Give your urinals the best chance at staying clean

Another consideration for your urinals is an automatic urinal sanitising system, which provides hygienic and continuous maintenance for toilets and urinals. Toilets and urinals in high-traffic washrooms and areas with hard water are often plagued by the buildup of lime and uric acid encrustations. 

This buildup, along with associated bacteria, can lead to poor urinal hygiene and create unpleasant odours. Even with the most diligent daily cleaning programs, there can be up to 24 hours between cleanings, which is enough time for these buildups to occur. The system fights against this lime and uric acid buildup, while also killing germs and eliminating bad odours. It can be installed into your cistern tank and is environmentally friendly, complying with all EC regulations.

*   *   *

While VR Sani-Co are known across Kent and the South East for our stellar sani-bin collection service, we also provide other products, collections and services to make sure that your public washrooms and workplace facilities are in perfect condition, every day. 

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